That’s EVERY Mop!

Thane Direct is marketing a product they’re billing as “the world’s ultimate cleaning solution!”

It’s the H2O Mop!

“Quick and super absorbent… for the cleanest floors ever!”

Their last water-based product was the H20 Vac, which was like a giant bong with a suction hose on one end, which might have been useful, as water is probably a pretty good filtration medium for dust and dirt. I think they’ve been hanging out with their prototypes for too long though, as their newest product seems like a dumb joke some high school-kids would come up with.

“Dude, this H2O Vac was a pretty cool idea… I wonder what else we could improve by adding water!”

“Um… a mop?”

“Dude..!   Wait.., what?”

They have failed to realize that an H20 mop is nothing special. EVERY goddamn mop in the world uses water to wash the floor! This is a product for people who are sucked in by infomercials, who are sitting at home actively looking for ways to improve upon products that don’t need improving.

Click through to see their site, or to order your own “amazing H2O portable steam cleaner”. Personally, I’m going to go eat chips and watch the Turbo Jam informercial. Now they’ve supercharged it, so you can burn fat and calories to see results faster than ever!

Tomorrow I’ll post a photo of my television, so it’s a little more obvious to see why I’m watching late-night infomercials.


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