Unapologetic is The New Black

I am going to feel like an old cranky lady by the end of this post, but sometimes it’s permissible. When I was growing up, I was allowed to dress however I wanted, I was allowed to dye my hair, and I was allowed to hang out with whomever I liked. I had a curfew, and though I often came home after its pass, my parents were fairly lenient with it so long as I called to let them know where I was.

Still, I managed to get into my fair share of trouble, and I became pretty good at talking and reasoning my way out of things, but when it came down to it, if they’d had enough, my parents could veto everything I said, and Martial law would come into full force. I basically did what I wanted, and got kicked in the ass if I stepped out of line.

I was on the evening news once. My rugby team had won the Ontario championship and CTV had come to cover the event. I remember getting home after the tournament, and watching the news – twice – just to see myself on the television. I was just a dirty kid in a field and I didn’t even say anything, but it was still fun to see myself on the TV.

These two girls might not have the same kind of parents as I have, but I’m quite sure that they aren’t going to be rushing home to see their segment on the CBS news, especially when their reasoning for their crime is “um… I mean, who doesn’t like money?”

Teens Steal From Girl Scouts

My parents would have been the ones calling the cops.

From FunnyOrDie.com


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