And I missed him? Again?

Well, I grew up on this show, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be carrying it into my life today. Here’s the intro for “Imagination Day”, which as I recall, was every Wednesday. There were animals that lived in a box, and only got to come out whenever the humans took them out of the box. The animals, surprisingly, only spoke INTO THE EARS of the hosts, who would then have to re-iterate their words to the audience made up, largely, of small children and their parents.

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2 Responses to “And I missed him? Again?”

  1. Mr. Torres Says:

    Ah yes… the good ol’ days of polka dot door. I remember that. It seems like it was yesterday Polkarou was hanging out with me.


  2. Mike W. Says:

    Man I thought that every day was imagination day, and I was always slightly confused because… How could every day be imagination day if imagination day was special enough to be announced. But then Polka Dot Door was on, and I really didn’t care to argue with myself anymore. As far as I’m concerned, imagination day can be every day, and I’ll be a happy little bug.

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