March 3, 2005

One night, driving around with Matt and Jimmy, this contract somehow ended up drafted and signed. No, none of us had been drinking. None of us were dating. I believe that we all signed this, and then licked it (for good measure). My favourite part is “No puppy because we can’t, but if we do it will be named “Christoper Walken” or “walk” for short.

This is just a small indication of the things I hang on to. I still have my dental molds from 1989 when I had a retainer.

This contract

On a sidenote, sorry about all the password-protected posts on this page. While I was doing a bit of  testing, WordPress went a little screwy on me, and I haven’t figured out how to get rid of those yet. I should have them back as public pages in the next day or so.


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