I’m the DJ, He’s the rapper

update: Apparently someone actually STOLE this out of the shop’s street-side display case… Honestly, who steals a picture of Jesus?

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2 Responses to “I’m the DJ, He’s the rapper”

  1. your darling cousin cam Says:

    what does “im the dj hes the rapper mean”?
    i’ve heard it in a song before

  2. Laura E. Abel Says:

    It’s from a song called Shadow of Def by Brave Saint Saturn. They’re a Christian band I used to listen to at camp in the summers. It’s funny, because we used to take this song really seriously, as though all of us at our jesus camp really would be rocking our grills and scaring old ladies (presumably with the power of Christ). Unfortunately, this song is meant as more of a satire, and as the typed lyrics -from the album cover- show, all the phrases and nouns are parenthesized out. The only thing that isn’t parenthesized is Five Minute Walk, which is, oddly enough, something that doesn’t exist other than in the minds of crazy Christian kids at camp.

    This isn’t the real video, but here’s the song if you want to listen to it:

    Brave Saint Saturn – Shadow of Def

    And the lyrics, just for the fun of it:

    Now sit right back as I bust a “rhyme”,
    I’ve got the “freshest” beats and I’m always on time,
    I’m the baddest of the best,
    Yeah I’m the king.
    Master of beats and the cross-fader,
    I’ll cut off your hand just like Darth Vader,
    You step to me and you’re gonna get “dissed” “homeboy”.
    Come into my “crib”,
    Maybe we could “chill”,
    I might “cap” somebody,
    Or kick ’em in the “grill”.

    I’m the “DJ” he’s the “rapper”,
    And the “homeboys” try to step,
    I’m the “DJ” he’s the “rapper”,
    In the valley of the shadow of “def”.

    Yo. Yo, “homeboys” come and “homeboys” go,
    But I still kick the “Latin Lingo”,
    Mi Espanol es no mui bueno.
    I’m “stone cold rhymin” and “spinnin” on the “wax”,
    I give the old ladies heart attacks,
    ’cause I’m “fresh” and “dope” and I’m “dissin’ wac MC’S”.
    I’ve got all my teeth capped,
    Chains to show my wealth,
    And I “check myself,
    Before I wreck myself.”

    Well my name is Frankie T, and I’m here to “talk”,
    About the meaning of Five Minute Walk.
    Some say its “wac”,
    Some say it’s “ill”,
    Myself, “homeboy”, thinks it’s pretty “chill”.
    Turn off the TV,
    Put down the phone,
    Go talk to “JC” and be alone.
    Talk to him five minutes a day,
    He won’t “wig out” or “give you play”,
    He will not “dis” you in the end,
    In fact “JC’s” my “freshest” friend.

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